What Teachers Don’t Tell Parents

What teachers think but don't tell parents - confessions from real teachers

If you’re a teacher, you know it’s true that there are things we think that we would never tell parents.

Just for fun, we asked several of our teacher friends what they think about but would never tell parents, and here is what we came up with. If you’re a teacher, you can probably relate with a lot of these thoughts. Even though we think them, we know it might not be the best thing to say them out loud, especially to parents.

After reading through, let us know what we missed. What else do you think about that you would never tell parents? We’d love to hear your confessions.


What Teachers Think…But Never Say!

  1. I take on many roles daily: In addition to the role of being teacher, I also take on the role of psychologist, mediator, zookeeper, security guard, doctor and dentist every day.
  2. I work long hours: My work day is much longer than your child’s school day. I arrive at school way before your child does, and put in many hours after the school day ends.
  3. Don’t tell me what to do: Suggestions and feedback are always welcome, but don’t tell me how to do my job. I would never go to your workplace and tell you how to do yours.
  4. Be supportive, but don’t hover: Supportive, involved parents are always helpful, but please give me the space I need to do my job.
  5. Your child isn’t my only student: I know your child is at the center of your universe, but keep in mind that I have to share my universe with a class full of other children.
  6. I know your secrets: You child spills your secrets all the time about all kinds of things so be careful what you say in front of them.
  7. I don’t teach for the money: I didn’t go into teaching for the money and we spend a lot of cash out of our own pockets every school year for basic supplies.
  8. No more mugs please: Please don’t send any more pencil holders, mugs or stuffed animals. A simple thank you note goes a long way, or gift cards are also great.
  9. I don’t really get summers off: We don’t get as much time off as you think. Having the summer off is great, but many of us have to tutor or teach summer school to make ends meet.
  10. I love snow days: We love snow days just as much as your child does, but we often spend them catching up on work rather than playing in the snow. 11. Spend quality time interacting with your child. When they don’t get attention at home, they often seek it out at school in undesirable ways.
  11. Don’t do your child’s homework:The homework I send is for your child, not for you, and yes, we can tell when you help them vs. when you do it for them.
  12. Check your child’s homework: Check to make sure your child’s homework is complete. Just because they say they did it doesn’t mean they did.
  13. Grades aren’t everythingThe students we remember the most are the happy, helpful ones that are eager to learn, not necessarily the ones with the highest grade point average.
  14. You’re your child’s teacher too: Yes, I teach your child at school, but don’t forget that you are your child’s first and most important teacher and role model in life.

As always, happy teaching!

♥ Nicole

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