DIY Number Sense Twisters

DIY number twisters for teaching number sense, place value and expanded form

Number twisters are a great way to teach number sense and place value.

The good news is that they are super easy to make. Sll you need are Styrofoam cups and a permanent marker. Then write the numbers 0-9 around the rim of each cup. Finally, stack them together and twist them to make different numbers. I find that they really for teaching place value as my students pay more attention to the location of each number.

Need to teach expanded notation? No problem! Just pull the cups apart and add the corresponding number of zeros to each number. When stacked together students will see how each number is written. When pulled apart, students will see the true value of each number.

What other ways do you help students understand larger numbers and place value?

As always, happy teaching!

♥ Nicole

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