DIY CVC Word Family Twisters

Fun way to teach CVC words to beginner readers

Here’s another fun, hands-on way to practice building CVC words.

All you need are Styrofoam cups and a permanent marker. Then just write common CVC consonants around two cups and vowels around another cup. Then stack the three cups together in CVC order and twist them to make and read different CVC words. Your students will not only have fun making real words, but they’ll love the silly nonsense word combinations too. You can easily extend the activity by having your students make a list of all the real words they make.

Another fun way to practice and reinforce CVC words is to make wearable learning bracelets. You can make your own by giving students strips of paper to brainstorm word families on. Then paste them around their wrists so they can reference it throughout the day.

What other ways do you like to support students learning CVC words? We’d love to hear your ideas!

♥ Nicole

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